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2014-12-11-HERCA approves an HERCA Action Plan in relation to the transposition and implementation of Directive 2013/59/Euratom (Euratom-BSS)
2014-11-24-New European Approach for cross-border Emergency Preparedness
2014-11-21-Medical Applications/Justification/ Addendum to the HERCA Position Paper on Justification
2014-11-20-HERCA/Medical Applications/ HERCA approves a HERCA Position Paper on the process of CT dose optimisation through education and training and role of CT Manufacturers
2014-10-08-HERCA/Medical Applications/ Meeting between European radiation protection authorities and major stakeholders on justification of medical imaging procedures leading to commitments to contribute to improving justification in medical imaging.
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Emergency Preparedness. Practical Guidance – Practicability of Early Protective Actions

Posted 2011-07-01

At the occasion of the 7th HERCA meeting held in Brussels on 30 June 2011, the HERCA Board of Heads has approved the document on emergency preparedness “Practical Guidance – Practicability of Early Protective Actions”.

The practical guidance cover the definition, the aim and the rationale of three early countermeasures: sheltering, evacuation and thyroid blockade. The guidance covers the planning phase, the intervention and lifting of the protective actions. The limitation and possible complication of the actions are discussed as well as risk/benefit consideration and linked actions. The tasks of the authorities are clearly indicated.


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