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4/22/2015-Meeting between European radiation protection authorities and major stakeholders on the optimised use of CT scanners
12/11/2014-HERCA approves an HERCA Action Plan in relation to the transposition and implementation of Directive 2013/59/Euratom (Euratom-BSS)
11/24/2014-New European Approach for cross-border Emergency Preparedness
11/21/2014-Medical Applications/Justification/ Addendum to the HERCA Position Paper on Justification
11/20/2014-HERCA/Medical Applications/ HERCA approves a HERCA Position Paper on the process of CT dose optimisation through education and training and role of CT Manufacturers
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131I therapy : patient release criteria

Posted 2/18/2011

Patient release Criteria, approved at the fifth meeting of HERCA. The report was produced by the WG MA through its sub-WG “Release of patients after metabolic radiotherapy”.


Annexe I_HERCA-OH_2011_0005_HERCA_Release criteria 30062010


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