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2013-12-02-HERCA/Radiation Protection in Veterinary Applications/ Setting up a new working group on the regulatory framework on veterinary applications. Main results of a questionnaire on national regulatory requirements with regard to veterinary applications.
2013-12-02-HERCA/ Education & Training in Radiation Protection/ Approval of the Conclusions & Recommendations by the HERCA Task force on Education &Training in Radiation Protection (TF E&T-RP)
2013-07-01-HERCA/ Medical Applications/ application of the justification principle/ Survey about the situation in Europe regarding the use of CT[1] on asymptomatic individuals outside screening programs.
2013-07-01-HERCA/ Emergency Preparedness/ Practical proposals for further harmonisation of the reactions in European countries to any distant nuclear or radiological emergency
2012-11-01-Approval of a Guidance document on implementation of a national radiation passbook and its practical use (H10-9.d.2) and a new related version of the dose passbook (H10-9.d.3)
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