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HERCA activities on Education and Training in radiation protection are under the responsibility of the WG on Education and Training (WGE&T).

Radiation Protection Education and Training (E&T) has been of outmost interest for HERCA from the beginning of the Association in 2007. a specific task force was created for interacting with ENETRAP & EUTERP projects and building on them. The TF has prioritized the work on radiation protection expert (RPE) and radiation protection office (RPO) focusing on the implementation of requirements in the Euratom Basic Safety Standards (BSS)

In 2015, the TF has organised a workshop on the implementation of RPE and RPO on 6-8 July in Montrouge (Paris, France) and the WG on Education and Training (WGE&T) was created.


HERCA Worshop on RPE & RPO

The Heads of the European Radiation protection Competent Authorities (HERCA) have organised on 6-8 July 2015, a workshop kindly hosted by the French nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) in its premises in Montrouge (France) on the implementation of Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) and Radiation Protection Officer (RPO). This workshop is part of the HERCA Action Plan in relation with the transposition and implementation of the Directive 2013/59/Euratom (Euratom BSS). It has been organised by the HERCA Task Force on Education & Training in Radiation Protection on behalf of HERCA in collaboration with the Dutch Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), the Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) and the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN).

Having a common understanding on the new requirements for RPE/RPO should facilitate the implementation of BSS on RPE and RPO at national level and the way towards a better harmonisation on this issue, the WG E&T produced in 2017 the guidance on the Implementation of :


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