Autumn 2019 – 24th Board Meeting (Rome, Italy)


HERCA Board met on the 30th and 31st of October 2019, in Rome. Several subjects were discussed such as the preparation of HERCA strategy or the work done by the 6 WG, especially the launch of the Awareness campaign on medical applications.


This HERCA Board meeting was kinldy hosted by the National Inspectorate for Nuclear safety and Radiation Protection from Italy (ISIN) in Rome and chaired by Mrs Karla Petrovà (SUJB, Czech Republic).

Board members approved the initiative of the network on occuptaional dose collection registration and repotring (ODCRR) to perform a survey among HERCA members on the experiences and challenges with regards to Assessment of Occupational Exposure and National Dose Registries.

Board members also approved important documents and decisions concerning the HERCA working groups:

  •  In the field of emergency preparedness and response, the Board approved the two following documents prepared for facilitating the implementation of the HERCA-WENRA Approach: the Guidance Document on the HERCA-WENRA Approach: Supplementary Glossary of Concepts and the Guidance Document on the HERCA-WENRA Approach: Additional Protective Actions.
  •  In the field of veterinay applications, the Board approved the Guidance document with regards to veterinary nuclear medicine.
  •  In the field of natural radiation sources, the Board approved the proposition of 2nd HERCA Workshop on National Radon Action Plans to be held on the 29th September -1st October 2020 in Bucharest, Romania.
  •  In the field of medical applications, the Board approved the Awareness Campaign and its launch on the 8th November 2019 – International Day of Radiology. The Board approved the position paper on Clinical audit in medical radiological practices.

New chairs and vice-chairs were also appointed: Mrs Veronica Smith (EPA, Ireland) is the new vice-chair of the WG on Emergencies, Mrs Alexandra Schreiner-Karoussou (Health Ministry, Luxembourg) as new chair and Mrs Barbara Godthelp (ANVS, the Netherlands) as vice-chair, both on Medical applications WG.

HERCA Board also continued working on an overall HERCA strategy for the next years.



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