Country Fact Sheets about National Emergency Preparedness and Response

HERCA publishes Country Fact Sheets for sharing information about the national emergency preparedness and response arrangements and nuclear facilities’ design features of its members. Many of them have been recently updated.

The primary use of these Country Fact Sheets (CFS) is for national authorities in charge of the response in case of nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies. This tool, developed by HERCA members, is easy and comprehensive for sharing information about national Emergency Preparedness and Response (EP&R) arrangements and nuclear facilities’ design features.

Published in 2014, the HERCA-WENRA Approach (HWA) for better cross-border coordination of protective actions during the early phase of a nuclear accident is considered as an acceptable way, among others, to comply with Article 99 of the Council Directive 2013/59/EURATOM. These Country Fact Sheets are a major instrument to reach mutual understanding according to the HERCA-WENRA Approach recommendations.

Given that completeness and accuracy of the information may be crucial when making use of it, an internal standard process for editing, publishing, reviewing and disseminating national CFSs is implemented.


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