HERCA 27 Board Meeting – remote

The HERCA Board of Heads (BoH) meeting in June 2021 was organized in virtual mode. It was kindly hosted by the ASN (France) and chaired by Mrs. Karla Petrovà (SUJB, Czech Republic).

General outcomes:

  • The current Chair, Karla Petrová will continue to chair HERCA until the end of the 28th HERCA Board meeting in December 2021. Both vice-chairs, Mette ØHLENSCHLAEGER (SIS, Denmark) and Maria Fernanda SÁNCHEZ OJANGUREN (CSN, Spain will continue in their position in order to help the current chair and will step down at the same date.
  • The new website was presented to Board members. All members are invited to come back to the Secretariat if they see any mistake or need to update an information.

The BoH also approved important documents and decisions related to the activities of HERCA working groups / task forces / networks. Namely:

  • New HERCA policies will focus on three key areas: cooperation, efficiency, stakeholders. The proposal will be presented at the December Board meeting.
  • The BoH decided to play a proactive role in the ICRP recommendations’ update project.
  • The survey questionnaire on the experiences and challenges with regards to Assessment of Occupational Exposure and National Dose Registries has reached the analysis phase.
  • In the field of emergency preparedness and response, the dedicated WG is currently analysing the HERCA-WENRA approach’s implementation among HERCA member states.
  • The 2nd HERCA Workshop on National Radon Action Plans has been postponed to spring 2022. The Board approved the publication of a new Guidance on NORM.
  • An addendum on clinical audit in the field of medical applications. will soon be published to help stakeholders better understand what is a clinical audit, and this through concrete examples.
  • In the field of industrial and research sources and practices, multiple documents have been approved and will soon be published.


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