HERCA 32 Board Meeting

The HERCA Board of Heads (BoH) meeting was held on the 23-24 November 2023 remotely with the support of ASN (French Nuclear Safety Authority).

It was the first Board meeting chaired by Jean-Luc Lachaume (ASN) with the support of the two vice-chairs: Pilar Lucio (CSN, Spanish Nuclear Safety Council) and Patrick MAJERUS (Ministry of Health of Luxembourg).

General outcomes:

  • In the context of the implementation of the HERCA Strategy focusing on: cooperation, efficiency and stakeholders, two dedicated sub-groups have been created to focus on:
    • the implementation of the BSS Directive within HERCA member states: in this perspective, an internal workshop addressing both difficulties and successes faced by HERCA members will be organised in May 2024 with the kind participation of the European Commission representatives and the help of HERCA working groups;
    • HERCA’s communication.

In addition, further work on HERCA Policies is on-going.

  • The Board of Heads meeting was the opportunity to meet FNRBA (Forum of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies in Africa) representatives for the first time.
  • IRSN, the French TSO, provided an update on the European Pianoforte project.

The BoH also approved important documents and decisions related to the activities of HERCA working groups including:

  • The working group on Education and Training has finalised its analysis on the implementation of RPE and RPO within Europe. The related documents are available on the HERCA website.
  • The working group on Industrial and Research Sources and Practices is working on proposing a new mandate to properly address the multiple challenges of today and tomorrow which are faced in this field.
  • The working group on Medical Applications presented its internal report of the HERCA MedInspector Workshop in Radiotherapy. A position paper on patient radiation protection in medicine has been approved and will soon be available on HERCA’s website.


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