HERCA 33 Board Meeting

The HERCA Board of Heads (BoH) meeting was held on the 22-23 May 2024 in the beautiful city of Madrid, hosted by our colleagues from (CSN, Spanish Nuclear Safety Council).

This was the first in-person HERCA Board meeting chaired by Jean-Luc Lachaume (ASN, French Nuclear Safety Authority) with the support of the two vice-chairs: Pilar Lucio (CSN) and Patrick MAJERUS (Ministry of Health of Luxembourg).

General outcomes:

  • Back-to-back with the HERCA Basic Safety Standards (BSS) Directive Implementation workshop, also organised in Madrid by CSN, the Board of Heads meeting was the occasion to benefit from the fresh outcomes of the workshop which addressed both difficulties and successes faced by HERCA members in implementing the BSS Directive. These will be further discussed in the coming months and will give rise to actions in the framework of HERCA.
  • The Board of Heads meeting was the opportunity to meet Alfredo de los Reyes who is the Chairman of the FORO (Ibero-American Forum of Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Agencies) to exchange on possible further ways of collaboration between HERCA and FORO.

The also approved a number of important documents and decisions relating to the activities of HERCA’s working groups and networks:

  • The working group on Medical Applications has finalised and got Board approval of the “Information paper: Summary and Final Report of HERCA MedInspector Workshop in Radiotherapy”
  • In addition, the WGMA awareness campaign will soon be re-launched.
  • The network on Occupational Dose Collection, Registration and Reporting on Report on the outcome of the questionnaire: Occupational exposure and dose registration will soon be published on the HERCA website.


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