HERCA Position Paper on Proton Therapy

Proton therapy is a topic of interest for HERCA, which has been handled by the Working Group on Medical Applications (WGMA).

A dedicated task group, chaired by Dr. Nicolas Stritt (Switzerland), has elaborated a practical document on “Proton therapy licensing and inspection”. The scope and aim of this document is to:

  • provide information about the needed competences of the competent authority;
  • provide a set of best practices for the supervision of a proton therapy facility;
  • assist the competent authority in addressing the challenges of the licensing procedure for a new proton therapy facility and;
  • outline the procedure for routine surveillance once a proton facility is operational.

This HERCA position paper on “Proton therapy licensing and inspection” is intended for internal use within the competent authorities of HERCA. A public resume can be found here. For information and training purpose, the position paper itself is also available on demand for other authorities outside HERCA in the field of proton therapy. An official demand should be addressed to the technical secretariat of HERCA.


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