HERCA report on Equipment

The work package (WP) Equipment is part of the WGMA (working group on medical applications) and was initiated following the closure of the WP CT Manufacturers Stakeholder Involvement in 2017. This previous WP had established good communication links with the four main CT manufacturers (GE, Philips, Siemens and Canon) and COCIR, which represents the radiological, electro-medical and healthcare IT industry in Europe. Both COCIR and the HERCA WGMA felt that these communication links should be continued. For this reason, the HERCA WGMA created the WP equipment.

The work carried out by this WP focussed on two key areas:

  • The standardisation of DAP units
  • The information to be provided to undertakings required under article 78.2 of the BSSD


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