HERCA sets up of a Task force to explore the possible role of HERCA in the transposition of BSS

The Board of Heads of HERCA has approved at its 13th Meeting held in Vilnius on 11-12 June 2014 the setting up of a Task Force (TF) to explore the possible role of HERCA in the transposition of the Euratom BSS.

The mandate of the TF will be to:

  • define the role of HERCA in terms of the transposition and implementation of the BSS
  • identify the topics within the BSS where additional work by HERCA would add value
  • identify what actions would be required by HERCA to deliver that added value
  • develop a coordination plan to ensure the avoidance of duplication of effort with other actors such as the European Commission and
  • propose an action plan for consideration by HERCA at its next meeting taking all of these matters into account

The Task Force will be lead by Dr Tom Ryan. Dr Ryan is responsible for Radiation Protection Regulation at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Ireland and chaired the Atomic Questions Working Party (AQWP) as part of the Irish Presidency of the EU in 2013. The negotiation of the Basic Safety Standards Directive was successfully concluded under his chairmanship of the AQWP.

To ensure internal coordination, the chairs of HERCA Working Groups will be actively involved in the Task Force, such as the WG on Medical Applications and WG Emergencies as well as the TF on Education & Training where BSS transposition issues have already been identified. The Task Force will include a member of the European Commission.

The TF will present an Action plan at the next HERCA meeting which will be held in Stockholm in October 2014.


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