HERCA workshop on EU-BSS Directive implementation

HERCA members have been discussing for ten years about possible gaps and ambiguities in the European BSS Directive (EU-BSSD) that need to be addressed, difficulties encountered in the process of its implementation and room for improving the common approach of regulations stemming from the EU-BSSD in the different European countries.

That’s why HERCA has organised a workshop to analyse and share the experience on the practical implementation of the EU-BSSD in national regulatory frameworks for its members. The workshop will take place at the conference room of the CSN headquarters in Madrid, from the 20th to the 22nd of May.

Each HERCA member country will have at least two places pre-allocated. Depending on capacity and ensuring all HERCA Member States representation, the number of places for each delegation may be increased up to a maximum of 8. Representatives from the IAEA, NEA, ICRP and EC are also invited.

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Publication date:


21 March 2024

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