HERCA’s participation to NATO and ICRP’s events – September 2023

HERCA was pleased to took part in both ICRP’s annual SLO meeting and the NATO conference in the person of Gareth Thomas (HERCA BoH member, WGE chair and ONR Professional Lead for Radiological Protection and Criticality).

I. NATO Workshop to improve regional preparedness in the event of a radiation incident caused by the war in Ukraine (Bucharest, 19-21 September 2023)

At the occasion of the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme Workshop intended to improve regional preparedness and reliance in the event of a radiation incident caused by the war in Ukraine, Gareth presented the work of HERCA Working Group – Emergencies Task Force. This HERCA TF was initiated at the start of the war and has involved the regular participation and cooperation of heads of emergency planning in most European countries, including Ukraine and its neighbours.


II. 2023 Annual Meeting of Senior Representatives of Organisations in Formal Relations with ICRP (Bristol, 26 September 2023)

It was the opportunity for HERCA to confirm its engagement with ICRP as part of its committed partners aiming to improve and strengthen practical and regulatory application of radiological protection standards.


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