Justification and Use of Hand-held X-Ray Equipment

Users of Hand-held X-Ray Equipment can received insufficient information about the radiation hazards induced by these devices. HERCA issues this statement for raising awareness about these risks and ensuring an appropriate use of Hand-held X-Ray Equipment.

HERCA raises awareness about radiation hazards of the hand-held X-ray equipment by issuing a statement addressed to European regulatory authorities. This document emphasizes, for the regulatory body, the importance of the radiological protection assessment and control of these equipment and their safe operation.

Wide ranges and quality of hand-held X-ray equipment are available from many different suppliers. Employers can receive insufficient information from the suppliers on the radiation hazard and are led to believe that the equipment is “safe”. If hand-held devices are used properly the radiation risks to operators and other persons should be minimal. However, if the equipment is incorrectly set-up or misused there is the potential for unacceptable radiation exposures.

This document details de radiation hazards, the European regulatory framework and recommends to the European regulatory authorities to apply to these technologies the three principles of justification, optimization an dose limitation.

The appendix details the safety requirements for hand-held X-ray equipment, including the engineering controls and design features, safe working procedures and emergency response plans.


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