Medical Applications – HERCA approves a HERCA Position Paper on the process of CT dose optimisation through education and training and role of CT Manufacturers

On 22 October 2014, on the occasion of the 14th meeting of the association HERCA which brings together the Heads of European Radiological protection Competent Authorities, HERCA has approved the Position Paper “The process of CT dose optimisation through education and training and role of CT Manufacturers”

CT is the most important source of exposures to radiation in most developed countries today. For this reason CT dose optimisation is of great importance. In the HERCA position paper four main stakeholders who are involved in CT dose optimisation are identified: the CT manufacturers, the medical doctors, the CT technologists and the medical physicists.

HERCA has been working together with the CT manufacturers and COCIR since 2010 following a voluntary self-commitment provided by COCIR in 2011. A number of dose optimisation and management tools have been developed by the CT manufacturers and are now available on modern C T scanners. These are also presented in the position paper.

The process of CT dose optimisation can only be achieved if all the stakeholders involved work together as a team and are educated and trained in the use of CT dose optimisation and management tools. The CT manufacturers have an important role in this process. They need to ensure that their staff is properly trained, they need to provide proper education and training to the other three stakeholders involved and these three stakeholders need to find the time and be willing to be trained. This is clearly stated in this position paper with the aim of ensuring appropriate and effective use of CT imaging equipment.


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