Presentations of the HERCA workshop on EU-BSS Directive implementation

HERCA members have been discussing for a decade about possible gaps and ambiguities in the European BSS Directive (EU-BSSD) that need to be addressed, difficulties encountered in the process of its implementation and room for improving the common approach of regulations stemming from the EU-BSSD in the different European countries.

That’s why HERCA organised a workshop to analyse and share the experience on the practical implementation of the EU-BSSD in national regulatory frameworks.

The workshop will take place at the conference room of the CSN headquarters in Madrid, which may house up to 80 people, and it will also be broadcast by streaming (link to be distributed to registered participants days before the workshop). Representatives from the IAEA, ICRP, NEA and EC were also invited.

You’ll find hereafter the different presentations (more will be available in no long):

S1 Dosimetry

Isabel Villanueva (CSN – Spain)

S5 Existing Exposures

Inmaculada Simón (CSN – Spain)

S10 Interface with other EU directives/ regulations

Jean-Luc Lachaume (ASN – France)


S2 Emergencies

Åsa Wiklund (SSM – Sweden)


Peter Görts (ANVS – the Netherlands)

European Commission (EC) Transposition Insights

Stefan Mundigl (EC)

S3 Justification

Åsa Wiklund (SSM – Sweden)

S7 Radon

Heloísa Fonseca (APA – Portugal)

S4 Justification – Medical

Katrien van Slambrouck (FANC – Belgium)

  • New technologies: What “intelligence” do we need? – Katrien van Slambrouck
  • Metabolic radionuclide therapy: blessing for patient, curse for regulator? – Barbara Godthelp (ANVS – the Netherlands)

S8 Graded Approach

Mika Markkanen (STUK – Finland)

S9 Recognition of RPE-RPO-MPE

Sotiris Economides (EEAE – Greece)


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