Publication of HERCA’s view on patient radiation protection in medicine

Following the thorough work of the dedicated task force on patient protection, the HERCA working group on medical applications has finalised its statement on the use of contact shielding.

This position paper is specifically dedicated for HERCA member states’ national authorities, and deals with the varying practices of patient contact shielding in X-ray diagnostics. Such disparities, even within a single country, create uncertainty for both staff and patients. With the recent re-evaluation of the effectiveness of contact shielding and the technological advancements reducing the need for patient contact shielding in many circumstances, this paper recommends a harmonized approach across European countries. It provides a general recommendation to national radiation protection authorities on how to implement a three-level decision-making process for the use of patient contact shielding, allowing undertakings including professionals such as practitioners and medical physics experts, to determine its appropriate application in their radiological facilities considering the latest national or international recommendations.

It is now available on the HERCA website and can be found on the documents’ area.


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