Veterinary Off-site X-ray examinations: Protecting professionals and the public

In veterinary practice, X-ray equipment is frequently used outside of the veterinary clinic (for example in pastures, stables,…) especially for the examination of horses and are often performed using specific mobile or hand-held X-ray equipment. These examinations are considered ‘off-site’ procedures and require specific safety measures to ensure the protection of all participants during exposure, in comparison to the use within a veterinary clinic, where appropriate shielding and personal protective equipment is easily available.

These off-site procedures can also be done by veterinarians coming from abroad for example in case of pre-purchase exams or for insurance purposes. Regardless of the country of origin of the practitioner, the radiation and physical safety of the people participating during the expose should be ensured.

In order to raise awareness about these procedures and the different safety measures that should be taken into consideration during the procedure, HERCA publishes a leaflet for describing the regulatory requirements and giving useful practical advice about radiation protection in an off-site setting to veterinary professionals and the public.

This leaflet can be used by any country by adapting it to the national frameworks.


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