Getting the right image for my patient

HERCA launched a European communication campaign to promote the appropriate use of medical imaging. It stages a consultation situation between referrer and patient and sets out 7 key questions the referrer should ask when referring for an imaging examination. It highlights what is in the interest of the patient, along with some simple reflections and arguments that can be readily put forward during the consultation.

MedInspector Workshop 2018

HERCA organised a workshop on how to inspect Justification and Optimisation in Nuclear Medicine on 6-8 Nov. 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden. This second workshop, was addressed to experienced inspectors from radiation competent authorities members of HERCA.

20th HERCA Board Meeting

HERCA Board met on 2 and 3 November 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This 20th meeting was kindly hosted by the Danish Health Authority (SIS).