Authorities and industry working together on medical radiation protection

HERCA (the association of the Heads of European Radiological Protection Competent Authorities) and COCIR (the European association representing the medical imaging, electromedical and healthcare IT industry) are working together to reduce patient radiation exposure in computed tomography (CT). This work is being carried out through voluntary commitments developed by COCIR at HERCA’s initiative.

HERCA /Radiation Protection in Veterinary Applications / Setting up a new working group on the regulatory framework on veterinary applications. Main results of a questionnaire on national regulatory requirements with regard to veterinary applications.

The heads of the national nuclear and radiation safety regulators in Europe have developed and agreed on a new approach to further improve the response and cross-border coordination for all types of possible accident scenarios including severe accidents, like the one in Fukushima. It contains overarching principles and provides an incentive for joint actions between neighbouring countries. The regulators have committed to engage a cooperation at national level with the competent authorities in charge of civil protection for the implementation of the corresponding measures.

Proposals for harmonisation in EP&R

HERCA, the association of the Heads of European Radiological protection Competent Authorities, approves a document containing Practical proposals for further harmonisation of the reactions in European countries to any distant nuclear or radiological emergency